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28 DEGREES TAURUS ALLSTON  MA  US psychedelic shoegaze indie

Play aquarian love aquarian love
Play reaching out to the stars reaching out to the stars
Play going though the motions going though the motions
Play when you know when you know
Play jagershots jagershots
Play geisha jinsen geisha jinsen
Play visualize and materialize visualize and materialize
Play new essence new essence
Play maybe more than just friends maybe more than just friends
Play summertime summertime
Play love surrounds love surrounds
Play i wish you could see me now i wish you could see me now
Play pinnacles and peaks pinnacles and peaks
Play when the rain comes again when the rain comes again
Play galaxies revisited galaxies revisited
Play low light remix low light remix
Play endless sea sirens (remix) endless sea sirens (remix)
Play circle & cross circle & cross
Play anchoring the lightship anchoring the lightship
Play something's in the distance something's in the distance
Play just filling up empty space just filling up empty space
Play the din the din
Play hooray! hooray!
Play haha haha
Play somebody else's shoes somebody else's shoes
Play love like a suicide love like a suicide
Play single suicide mode single suicide mode
Play waves of love waves of love
Play something to feel something to feel
Play crash and burn crash and burn
Play low light low light
Play wherever you can find it wherever you can find it
Play love is underwater love is underwater
Play mo's place mo's place
Play freeze, die, come back to life freeze, die, come back to life
Play endless sea endless sea
Play moments, phases and timing moments, phases and timing
Play ecstatic new times continuum ecstatic new times continuum
Play seeking heat seeking heat
Play electricity electricity
Play universal love universal love
Play heart attack heart attack
Play venus retrograde heart venus retrograde heart

low light
28 degrees taurus vs. the carpenters
jinsen liu - guitars, vox
karina dacosta - bass, vox
greg murphy - drums, percussion
28 degrees taurus is an ambient/psychedelic rock band from Boston
Our musical ideals are somewhere between the late 60s, early 90s and all the gorgeously catchy cheese inbetween.
We've been together since about 2005 with various drummers.
We're usually loud as hell but not above playing an occassional ballad.
As a band we party pretty fucking hard... on the road and at home.
We have 2 full length records so far and 1 ep
Theres alot more to come... hopefully a new one by mid 2009
Thanks for listening.

here's the extended version of our bio:

28 degrees taurus was formed in early spring – summer 2005 when friends Jinsen Liu and Barry Marino got together and started performing around the Boston area as a duo. The early shows started off as high energy, psychedelic freaks featuring the duo on guitar/vocals & drums respectively. This configuration evolved and solidified into what the band is currently when Jinsen’s best friend and cellist in his other ambient/experimental band “red skies” took up bass and joined him up front on vocals as well. The primary influences on the band’s writing around that time period came from 80s era sonic youth, early 90s neo-psychedelia as well as late 60s/70s pop. The band toured extensively over the east coast and mid-west during the next two years (2006-2007) and began getting some attention and press in the re-emerging ambient/post-psychedelic scene especially along the east coast. Their live set was an open ended set of party anthems, 60s revivalist idealism, romantic love ballads as well as atmospheric ambient instrumentals… most with a touch of eastern sounding reverb drenched ambience. The group’s 1st record, released and promoted throughout the entirety of 2007, was a 17 song compilation sampler cd entitled “aquarian love” featuring most of the band’s then live set. Sonicly, however, the first record tended towards a much cleaner, pop oriented, less psychedelic sound than the group’s live shows did. The group continued their relentless touring schedule throughout the 2007 year and in parallel to that worked sporadically over the course of the same year in 3 different studios with just as many producers before finishing an ep and another 2nd full length record “how do you like your love?” in 2008. The recent cd earned them the attention of much of the local Boston press which can be found at


Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
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