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GIMMESOUND.COM is one of the Web's fastest growing new music discovery & free music download sites reaching thousands of musicians and fans in local music scenes across the U.S.

For a fraction of the cost of other local on-line advertising (such as Yelp and Citysearch) you can advertise your business to customers in your local area who love music. And everybody loves music!

In 3 quick steps, you can create your own ad, set your budget and target your audience by location (e.g., Greater Boston Area). You can also target by musical genre (e.g., Rock, Jazz, Ambient).

Every time your ad shows, we'll charge you a nickel. That's all. Every nickel you spend on gets your ad on a page seen by a prospective customer -- guaranteed. Get started now.

Branding Campaigns on

We can integrate your brand into our music and video content. offers you the best opportunity to engage musicians and music lovers with your brand and message embedded into the user’s entertainment experience.

Combined with our powerful Targeted Sponsorship Engine™, will execute a low cost, low risk and no waste branding/advertising/marketing campaign custom designed for your budget. For several years, experts have been advising advertisers to seek out media that can effectively target their brand and engage their desired audience (see sponsored videos here).

Integrating your brand and message with our content and targeting your audience is exactly the model that experts (backed by research) say works best (learn more).

At, we have four principal stakeholders: artists, music lovers, charities and sponsors.

By becoming a sponsor, you provide the funds that allow us to pay artists for every download and support the causes that are close to the hearts of music lovers. As such, your message will be well received by the community.

Our unique Targeted Sponsorship Engine (TSE) makes your advertising extremely cost effective. You can reach the audience you want and measure the results with precision never before available. (more info)

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