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Andy Pratt's 1973 hit single Avenging Annie
Love Insurance (from Motives - 1979)
Andy Pratt - vocals, piano, guitar, bass
plus whoever else is on board at the time...
Andy Pratt ( was born in Boston to one of the wealthiest and most educated families in America ( He graduated from Harvard University with a cum laude in English in 1968, and a thesis was on T.S. Eliot. In the 1970's Andy Pratt was a rock & pop star music sensation. Pratt exploded on the music scene in 1973 with his Columbia Records hit single "Avenging Annie", a song about Annie Oakley and Pretty Boy Floyd. Roger Daltrey (Lead singer of The Who) liked "Avenging Annie" so much that he sang it on his album "One of the Boys", but not as well as Andy, shying away from taking a woman's role and simplifying the music. For the next four years Andy rode the wave in the world of Rock Stardom. In 1975, after the death of his father, Andy enrolled in Boston's "Life Institute." From that experience came 1976's "Resolution" album. In 1975 he was also released from his Columbia Record contract. In 1988 he moved to Holland and remarried. In 2002 he moved back to New England and is very happily married to his fourth wife.

In the seventies Andy Pratt was much sought after by music industry giants Clive Davis, Nat Weiss, Ahmet Ertegun and Arif Mardin (record producer of Aretha Franklin, The Bee Gees, Nora Jones, Boy George, etc,etc...). Andy recorded music with the top, heavy hitter, musicians in the world, the same ones Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon used. He toured America twice with a his band, trucks, roadies, groupies, and whatever else anyone could dream of. Andy appeared on television, could be heard all over the FM radio dial, was given rave reviews in many publications including Rolling Stone Magazine, and cheered on by thousands of fans at his shows. He shared stages with countless musicians, and met just about everybody in the music world.

Andy has performed with John Belushi, T-Bone Burnett, Robin and David Batteau, Jon Butcher, Toni Lynn Washington, James Montgomery, Moogy Klingman, Stewkey (The Nazz), Rick Shlosser, Mark Doyle, Gary Link, Abe Laboriel, Andy Mendelson, John Nagy, David Grisman, Jumma Santos, John Payne, Steve Gadd, Tony Levin, Andy Newmark, Luther Vandross, David Lasley and many more...

Foreigner, John Sebastian, Loggins and Messina, The Band and Rick Derringer are among the rock and roll greats he has opened for. David Cassidy covered Andy's song "All I Want Is You" on his "The Best of David Cassidy" album.

To learn more about Andy Pratt's very interesting life you can read his autobiography Shiver in the Night. Among the famous names appearing in Andy's book are: Andy Warhol, John Belushi, Miles Davis, Roger Daltrey, Tony Levin, Woody Guthrie, Steve Gadd, The Band, Foreigner, David Gates, Bela Bartok, and Bono.


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