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When you upload any music to (the "Site"), you:
Payments to Artist
When you upload music to (the "Site"), you represent and warrant that you own all necessary legal rights to upload, stream, download and otherwise digitally distribute any songs you have uploaded to the Site (the "Songs"). That means you own all the rights to perform and distribute the music -- and the right to be paid for selling downloads of that music. Please do not upload any music to unless you own all the rights to perform and distribute that music.

Here's how artists get paid:
It’s a 50/50 split. That means half our revenue goes directly to paying artists based on the number of downloads each artist generates.

It works like this: every month we take half our net revenue and divide it by the total number of downloads that month. This gives us an amount to pay you for each download of your songs for that month. Every month we credit your Payment Account for the total amount due for all of your songs that were downloaded that month.
For example: let's say that half our net revenue is $1,000 in a given month, and there were 2,000 songs downloaded during that month. For that month, your Payment Account would be credited $0.50 for each download of a song that you own the rights to. So, if one of your songs was downloaded 20 times and another of your songs was downloaded 50 times, your Payment Account would be credited $35.00 (70 downloads total times $0.50 per download). Of course, real numbers will not necessarily be anything like this example.
Every month the amount we pay per download may differ, but every artist gets the exact same amount per download. In the example above, every artist got $0.50 per download. Let's say that in the next month, half of our net revenue is $1,500 but the total downloads remained the same (2,000 downloads). For this month, each artist gets $0.75 per download. Once again please remember that real numbers may not necessarily be anything like this example.

While we cannot guarantee the the amount per download will be the same every month, we do guarantee that we will split our net revenue 50/50 with all the artists every month.

Payments are made using PayPal
By the end of every month, we pay all artists whose Payment Account is at least $100. Each time we pay, we send an email to everyone whose Payment Account is at least $100. If your Payment Account is at least $100.00 and you do not have a PayPal account, you will get an email explaining how to claim your payment.

Net Revenue Defined:
We define net revenue as the amount of advertising and sponsorship revenue paid to, less payments to salespeople and agencies who sell for us. That's it. We do not include any overhead, production costs, research & development, programming, hosting, A&R, marketing, PR -- nothing else comes out of net revenue. All the other costs associated with running this business and providing this free service to you come out of our half.
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