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AUDIOKNOB ISTANBUL  IS  TR techno house electronic

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Beyza & Cuneyt Karayalcin
International performer Dj Beyza & accomplished musician Cuneyt Karayalcin combine their passion and power for only one reason : producing and remixing music – a distinct repertoire of tracks filled with emotion, harmony, rhythm and melody. Take punchy beats, add walking basslines, driving grooves, some “less-is-more” synth parts and mix it up with mellow guitars, altered bass guitar riffs, and smooth keys – there you have the sound of AudioKnob. The production/dj duo are inspired from an interesting cross-section of styles including multiple musical worlds such as, Minimal Techno and House, elements of Rock and Funk, and even the oriental character and diversity of Turkish Music. As a live act, the duo incorporate a cool and energetic mix of underlying dance grooves with live electronics, samples, fx and guitar, bass, or keys ; inspiring and taking the listener to another dimension.

Dj Beyza

Since 1997, Beyza has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene in her hometown of Istanbul, Turkey. Early in her career, she was chosen to play at the largest open air club of Europe - 2019. Following these early gigs, Beyza quickly ascended to the height of Istanbul's underground scene and beyond. Her trips as a professional DJ have not only taken her to venues all over Turkey, but help her stretch as far as France, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Ukrania, Polland and the US. From small intimate clubs and larger beach parties to massive New Year's Events, Beyza has only begun to accomplish the vision she has set forth. Her abilities have grown beyond the DJ booth, and have spread to the production studio. Now, thanks to her endless search for musical discovery, DJ Beyza has forged an international reputation and attracted large crowds whereever she plays.

Cuneyt Karayalcin

Cuneyt Karayalcin started his professional music career in 1997 by joining to the pioneers of Turkish Metal "Cenotaph" and "Omnious Grief". By that time, he became the founder of GenProject, a live electronic performance trio, soon to be included in Hip Production's booking roster, one of the major electronic music booking agency. Following the roster approval, GenProject performed at various clubs in Istanbul, such as Switch, Godet, Republic and Dulcinea. As an arranger, he produced many remixes and hits for many famous pop artists in Turkey. Gifted bass guitarist, driven by the passion for music he contributed to the recordings of around 50 hit albums released in the Turkish music industry. Currently he is producing, arranging and playing bass with various artists of Turkey and numerous projects all around Istanbul.



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