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BEWARE OF SAFETY - DOGS LOS ANGELES  CA  US indie ambient psychedelic

Play Nü Metal Nü Metal
Play The Supposed Common The Supposed Common
Play Step or Stone Step or Stone
Play Hexa Hexa
Play Circa Circa
Play dogs dogs
Play Yards and Yards Yards and Yards
Play Light of Day Light of Day
Play The Laughter Died The Laughter Died
Play Raingarden Raingarden

Adam Kay | Jeff Zemina | Morgan Hendry | Steve Molter | Tad Piecka
Beware of Safety made the conscious choice to create instrumental music.

To create sounds that words could not express.

To leave out the vocal monologue that is without interpretation or insight, but instead, create music which traverses emotional and textural hollows that teeter between concealment and proclamation; between rapture and affliction; between conviction and deprivation; between opulence and destitution; between choice and coercion; between boldness and apathy.

Beware of Safety calls the unspeakable from it's hiding place and imparts it to their listeners with gentle tact and deliberate action.

The inexpressible has found it's voice.

• "...Beware of Safety can claim to have the best instrumental guitar rock album in the U.S."
- Jordan Volz, Editor-In-Chief, The Silent Ballet

• "The tracks (on dogs) are orchestrated magnificently, creating a consistently grandiose feel. Songs such as “The Supposed Common” and “Hexa,” among others, have progressions in such a way as to weave a story as the song goes on. Even though I would recommend a quality set of speakers or headphones for any music, it is especially important with these guys. There are plenty of intricacies that make this a very pleasurable listen, many of which might be missed when heard through your usual white, fruit-branded earbuds."
- Ross Solomon, Slug Magazine

• "Hands down, Dogs is my favorite album of recent months. Beware of Safety is an ambient metal jam band, the metal-instrumental love child of Pink Floyd and Faith No More, with "Uncle" Rush and "Auntie" Queensryche nodding proudly from the delivery room."
- Lyn Dunagan, Caught in the Carousel

• "Dogs is heavy. Dogs is not everyday fare. But I’ll tell you what, Dogs is as tight as instrumental records come. Each song paints a grand scene more ambitious than the last. Beware Of Safety don’t play pansy instrumental music; you won’t be sitting in front of the speakers saying, “Are they even playing anything?” ... Beware Of Safety successfully meld moments of hard rock with ethereal noodling, and in the process create an album where 10 unique songs become one completely awe-inspiring album."
- Blake Solomon,


Tuckerman Hall Worcester, MA
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