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Play Back it up Back it up
Play The Love In You The Love In You
Play Proud You're My Lady Proud You're My Lady
Play Drippin Wet Drippin Wet
Play Give It To Me Give It To Me
Play Remix That Body Remix That Body
Play The One The One
Play Unfaithfuls In My Past Unfaithfuls In My Past
Play I Wanna Be I Wanna Be
Play Playa Hater Playa Hater
Play Let Me Get It Let Me Get It
Play What A Feelin What A Feelin
Play Friends With Benefits Friends With Benefits
Play I Wanna Be Loved By You I Wanna Be Loved By You
Play Nude Nude
Play P.Y.P.D P.Y.P.D
Play Our Love Our Love
Play No More Games No More Games
Play Sweet Summer Miami Night Sweet Summer Miami Night
Play Sexplode Sexplode
Play Lonely Lonely
Play I Wanna Wife You I Wanna Wife You
Play Freaky Freaky
Play He Set Us Free (Gospel) He Set Us Free (Gospel)
Play Get It On Get It On
Play Watchin You Watchin You
Play Lamb Of God (Gospel) Lamb Of God (Gospel)
Play Pooty Popin Pooty Popin
Play Play It Again Play It Again
Play Hop In My Ride Hop In My Ride
Play Get Funked Up Get Funked Up
Play Lets Do It Now Lets Do It Now
Play Glad To Say You're Mine Glad To Say You're Mine
Play Same Old Thang Same Old Thang
Play Born Again (Gospel) Born Again (Gospel)
Play My Homies Know Me My Homies Know Me
Play Carressing You Carressing You
Play I Dont Wanna Hear It I Dont Wanna Hear It
Play Shorties Gonna Be The One Shorties Gonna Be The One
Play Don't Stop Don't Stop
Play Rock With You Rock With You
Play I Need You I Need You
Play So Different Now So Different Now

Bobby Washington (Solo)
With Bobby's entrepreneurship track record of over 80,000 albums sold and his lyrical songwriting abilities, soulful vocal dynamic range, charismatic stage presence, innovative music production and engineering skills with a catalog of 300 songs in R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop and charming looks, he is a great asset to a record label. Live Performances Bobby Washington has performed and opened concerts for Angie and Debbie Winans, New Kids on the Block, Tony Terry and R-Kelly. He toured in California with Pretty Tony's road group, Free Style. In addition, Bobby recently performed at the HOT 105 Festival, the Miami Pipeline, Cafe Iguanas in Pines and Klub Miami on South Beach with JT Money, Kenny Brown from Libery City, DJ Suicide from 99 Jams, and DJ Sama from Mega 94.9. Radio Play Bobby has received airplay from 99 Jams with Al B Silk, Island Vibes (105.5 FM) with DJ Charger, 1170 AM with DJ Burke, 9.19 FM with Chico De Leo, 103.5 FM with DJ Caramel, 90.9 FM with AJ, 81.9 FM with Lorenzo, 1120 AM with Victoria Victoria, with Rhythm City Record Pool in Miami, Fl, with Hip-Hop Friends Online Record Pool in New York and Radio One in Atlanta, Georgia. Media & Press Bobby has recent interviews from the Miami Herald, Miami Times, BurnLounge, the Flyer, Urban America and UPN 33. Producers Bobby has worked with producers like Steve Ivory, Ron Kauvon and Ray Seay (current producer of Lil Jon & Ciara). He has produced music for JT Money and over 40 independent artists. He has done freelance work for IK Media and Sonic Reality doing synth sounds for Reasons Virtual Reality Sound Modules. Projects Bobby currently has Definition of Love and Nude distributing online.


Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
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