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C.BOYD COLUMBUS  OH  US r&b pop rock

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Clingin On Live Columbus Ohio
Love is Like Math Live
Ian- Bass , Kenny- Keys, Tiger- Drums, Stu- Guitar, Chaz Boyd - Vocals, Dwayne- Vocals
Singer C.Boyd wants the world to know that not all musicians are the product of a troubled past. He is anxious to share his spirited music and his story of strong family ties with all who are willing to listen. It seems merely a matter of time before the talented young man who is turning heads with his unique blend of pop, soul, gospel, and R&B becomes a successful recording artist.

C.Boyd was born in Columbus, Ohio. The oldest of three boys, he considers himself fortunate to have been raised by two parents who cared for and loved him. Their backing of him has always been unwavering, even as he decided to pursue his passion for music in New York City. His family is not only a source of support for Boyd - it is also the very foundation of all that he does. Never shying away from competition is also a strong suite of Boyd. Boyd is still a phenomenal athlete and a former two sport superstar. C.Boyd's love of life, past achievements, and his desire to do the right thing stem from his family's example.

C.Boyd has been blessed with an extraordinary talent of understanding music. At the tender age of 16. C.Boyd wrote his first song titled"Thankful."Since then C.Boyd has mastered his writing skills and has written hundreds of songs including. "Clingin On, Love is Like Math, I got it feat Lou is", and The new song everyone needs to listen out for "Tattoo Love". C.Boyd has also written for various differant artist.

His music is steeped in the love that he has experienced through his family and his relationship with God. This unconditional love serves as a constant reminder that people should never consider themselves totally alone. There is always someone there to watch out for them. Boyd's song, “I Know I Can Make It”, is an encouragement to people who are experiencing difficulties to keep on fighting. The message is simple, yet relevant: take comfort in whatever brings you love and joy, and let that sustain you as you fight the good fight. In his brief time in New York City, C.Boyd has performed live in several of the city's bars and lounges. His voice, which was developed starting at age five in his junior choir, has been intriguing audiences ever since.


Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
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