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CAPE ANN BIG BAND GLOUCESTER  MA  US jazz-big band jazz-swing jazz

Play In the Mood Live @ Shalin Liu 2011 In the Mood Live @ Shalin Liu 2011
Play Hey Pachuco Hey Pachuco
Play Blues Brothers Revue Blues Brothers Revue

Carlos Menezes Jr - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Silva - Alto Saxophone
Mike Lentini - Baritone Saxophone
Ed Biggs - Alto Saxophone/Clarinet
Nick Capello - Tenor Saxophone
Shawn Lowe - Trumpet
Al Delisi - Trumpet
Arthur Adamson - Trumpet
Danny Kariores - Trumpet

Paul Burns - Trombone
Tim Klopotoski - Bass Trombone
Tom Madore - Trombone
Dana Cohen - Trombone
Jim Koerth - Trombone (sub)

Rick Geraghty - Drums
Christian Towler - Guitar
Gary Wolsieffer - Bass
Chris Bodek - Piano

Renee Dupuis
Tara Kelly
Marina Evans
Katy Geraghty
Elizabeth Anderson
Henry Allen
Nathan Seavey
Scott Parisi
John Rockwell
CABB is a diverse ensemble prepared to perform at any event; corporate, private, or public. Available in its full membership with female and male vocals the big band is also hirable as a combo group to fit the needs of the client.
Formed in December 2010, director Carlos Menezes Jr. teamed up with friends and fellow musicians Paula Burns, Shawn Lowe, Mike Lentini, and Rick Geraghty to discuss the potentials of starting up a 17-piece big band. What was once a dream, quickly became reality when Menezes found the roster full in just a week’s time. Driven by the talents of Cape Ann musicians, the Cape Ann Big Band prides itself in performing to entertain and connect with it’s local community. For Menezes, one of the great joys of the ensemble is the generational diversity among its members. Music is a worldwide language that connects people with community and penetrates the soul of both listener and performer. This is the very experience that the band strives to deliver through its powerhouse performances. Although it is not a community band in the sense of membership, it strives to connect the community through open rehearsals and public performance. For Menezes and many of his peers, the experience of music performance is something that need not cease after high school or college. For a musician, the experience of music reflects a lifelong journey of learning. Beyond the aspect of performance, the band hopes to connect with local musicians of all ages and backgrounds to inspire, challenge, and educate. Inspired by the sounds of jazz, swing, New Orleans street bands, soul, and rock n’ roll, the band prides itself in a repertoire without horizon. This season’s repertoire will feature a number of vocal and instrumental standards from the “Golden era” of swing, pop tunes, and a number of show-tunes derived from popular films. “The Pink Panther”, “Minnie the Moocher”, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “Take the A Train”, Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”, “Begin the Beguine”,and a medley from Disney/Pixar’s “The Incredibles” are just a few of the charts in this season’s repertoire. As one quickly learns, the organization, success, and mobility of any ensemble is only made possible by the efforts of its participants. This is a group that truly operates as a family. Members include: Saxophones; Mike Lentini, Nick Capello, Ed Biggs, Steve Silva, Carlos Menezes Jr., Trumpets; Shawn Lowe, Arthur Adamson, Rick Naso, Trombones; Paula Burns, Tom Madore, Dana Cohen, Tim Klopotoski, Drums; Rick Geraghty, Piano; Chris Bodek, Bass; Gary Wolsieffer, Guitar; Christian Towler. The Cape Ann Big Band rehearses every Sunday from 6-8pm at the American Legion in Gloucester. All are encouraged to sit in and listen!


Tuckerman Hall Worcester, MA
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