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Celebrate Gloucester Sponsored by National Grid

Raised $15,000 for Gloucester Charities

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Schooner Adventure tied for 3rd place in ititial voting.

Help complete the restoration of Gloucester's last dory fishing schooners - the real thing not a reproduction. Once restored the Schooner Adventure will serve as a floating and sailing classroom-museum dedicated to Gloucester's fishing industry and the over 5000 fishermen lost at sea. Students and visitors will learn how Gloucester's fisheries help shape the development of not only our city but the state and country.

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Many concert production costs covered by

National Grid  BirdsEye  Gloucester Daily Times  Atlantis Oceanfront Inn
Cape Pond Ice - The Coolest Guys Around The Event Company 92.5 The River Independent Radio TD Bank
and our Supporting Sponsors BankGloucester, Circle Consulting, M.B.T. Electric, GoodMorningGloucester, A & A Services, Inc., RMD, Inc. and Associate Sponsors 7 Seas Whale Watch, Haute Affaire, Intershell Seafood Market, Jon R. Morse, CPA, Jerry Noble Electricians, Palazola’s Sporting Goods, Ruth Pino and The Shed. Emergency services provided by Beauport Ambulance. Free Wi-Fi was made available courtesy of Hotz1. These generous donors made it possible for more proceeds to be available for Gloucester Charities.
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