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CHARLIE IMES SAN DIEGO  CA  US acoustic easy listening folk-rock

Play On An Island On An Island
Play Second Chance Second Chance
Play My Next Song My Next Song
Play Stranded On A Sandbar Stranded On A Sandbar
Play Morning Birds Morning Birds
Play Oasis Oasis
Play Clone Clone
Play Waste Of Time Waste Of Time
Play Sittin' Here Sittin' Here
Play One Man Parade One Man Parade
Play The Test Of Time The Test Of Time
Play On Another Island On Another Island
Play Summer Days Summer Days
Play Worst Presnadent Ever Worst Presnadent Ever

Second Chance - recorded at the Barefoot Bar on Mission Bay, San Diego
On An Island (I don't know why the sound came out funky like it did.)
Morning Birds (an instrumental)
"Worst Presnadent Ever" - my comedy music video featuring James Adomian as "Bush".
Charlie Imes is a San Diego based singer/songwriter who is mostly known
for his sun-drenched, beachside music which incorporates elements of folk,
pop, jazz & just about any other musical genre that suits the songs.

Charlie grew up in Torrance and Redondo Beach, in the South Bay area of
Los Angeles. He started playing in rock bands and hanging out on the Sunset
Strip, but soon realized that his voice was meant for a more laid-back musical
message. For years he played coffee houses & small clubs, but mostly he played
around campfires and at the beach for the pure joy of playing. At the urging of
friends & supporters, he finally recorded a collection of his songs in 2008, and
has been bringing the beach to stages ever since.

As comfortable as your favorite T-shirt & shorts, the warm feel of his debut
album, “On An Island”, is perfect to conjure images of those long summer
days at the beach. An engaging and humorous performer, Charlie’s songs
are sunny weather for your ears.

“Not many self-released albums are as polished, as fully realized as this new one
from San Diego's Charlie Imes. Imes is a strong, confident singer, polished in his
quiet showmanship and storytellers' approach to his delivery … a wonderfully
melodic collection from a gifted singer and songwriter.”
- Jim Trageser, North County Times, October 1, 2008

“Imes praises the simple pleasures of life for what they are.. His songs and lyrics
are uncluttered by irony or attempts at cleverness and are as straightforward as
any of the old Beach Boys hits … a great disk for cracking a couple of Coronas
with friends after a few hours of boogie boarding.”
- Paul Hormick, San Diego Troubadour Magazine, September 1, 2008


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