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Play Will You Give this to My Daddy Will You Give this to My Daddy

Coy- Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Drums and bass
1966 was my first taste of playing and writing music. First band was called the Mocking Birds. My first gig was at The American Legion in South Corpus Christi Texas.

1968: The passing of my father ended my dreams for awhile I had school during the day and worked at
night to help with the family did not play again professionally until 1983.

In 1983 formed a band called Malfunction. Formed Light Force a rock band that wrote a song about the
Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy in 1986.

In 1987 Light Force recorded and released their single Titled Challenger the flip side Burning Hearts. Our manager Jimmy Skaggs (not related to Ricky Skaggs) sent their single to a local radio station as an entry in the K-99 battle of the bands they were the first band chosen for the competition.

Since 1987 I have been an "independent-recording artist.

Since 1987 Songwriter, Publisher "Florida Light Force Production" member of BMI.

Since 1989 I have been performing as a singer/songwriter in nightclubs performing both Southern Rock
and Country music. In Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.
1989: Formed The Southern Delight Band.

1993: formed The Silver Dollar Band
1995 co-founded: "Wal to Wal Records" an Independent Record Label. Recorded This Mountain and
Beside Every Man in Nashville in 1995. In the fall of 1995 made and released a music video of Beside Every Man.

1997: Don Wallick and I sold Wal to Wal Records.

1998 Launched: " Hillgrade Entertainment " An artist/musician management firm Sold it in 1999.

2000: I was the democratic Nominee for Florida House District 63.

2001: Founded Hilbilly Records/TBack Records.

2002: Myself and the Silver Dollar Band got serious and recorded my We Can't pickup the Pieces CD
we sold this CD while playing in the Clubs.

2003: Myself and the Silver Dollar Band started our Radio Tour at WZZS Heartland Country Zolfo
Springs, FL on December 11, 2003 and finished at Walls 102 Fm in Peru Illinois around April 20th 2004!

2006: Sold the labels Hilbilly Records/TBack Records and artist contracts and retired.

2008: Out of Retirement and signed a Contract with Tate Music Group.

I am self-taught on bass, electric and acoustic guitar 6 and 12 string, piano. Took formal lessons on drums at one of Tampa's local music stores. I studied voice training from The Vocal Power Institute.

1989/1990 School Year Received High School Diploma from Armwood High School Adult Education

1990: Received Certificate of Completion from Hillsborough Community Collage for MS Dos Systems

1995: I received an AA Paralegal Degree.

2000: I received Certificate from Polk County, Florida the University of Florida and Southwest Florida Water Management District for the 2000 Extension Water School.( Water Conservation and Management ).

2008: I received HVAC. Technician Certification EPA Clean Air Section 608 as required by 40CFR Part
82, Subpart F from Mainstream Engineering Corporat


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