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INGE BERGE BOSTON  MA  US electronic acoustic indie

Play Shit Under Your Shoe Shit Under Your Shoe
Play The Truth That Lies Behind The Truth That Lies Behind
Play Samsara Samsara
Play One True Thing One True Thing
Play Ah! This Vanity Ah! This Vanity
Play Sarah Has A Garden Sarah Has A Garden

At Celebrate Gloucester
One True Thing
Helter Skelter
Samsara - acoustic live
Inge Berge - Guitar, Vocal, Keys, Percussion, everything. Have collaborated with Dan King, Kascia Murray, Leo Ciaramitaro, Marina Evans, Mark Pelosi, Vincent Briguglio, Miranda Russell, Joe Cardoza, Kim Trigilio, Dennis "Fly" Amero & many more.
Inge Berge, singer, guitarist and mult-instrumentalist, has spent the last 20 years making music in various forms, from entertaining a solid cult-following accompanied by only his trademark Red Acoustic to touring as lead guitarist for large Broadway productions. A native of Norway, Berge has made the Boston area his home for over 20 years, and can occasionally be seen in area clubs, on concert stages and other venues.

His 2007 release "The Zerosum" marked a musical departure for Berge, with its electronic aesthetic, richly textured production and thematic structuring.

In 2010 released the more mainstream pop album "10 True Things And A Filthy Dirty Lie," which was named one of that year's 10 best albums by The Noise Boston.

Berge makes one eye opening statement after another through radio-friendly pop songs. - The Noise, Boston

A natural melodist to whom catchy pop-phrasing comes easy. - Gloucester Daily Times

Inge Berge, singer/songwriter and self-described contrarian, knows how to write the quintessential pop song [...] - Northeast Performer Magazine

This is an odd, adventurous, and ultimately compelling amalgam of rock-opera posing, spoken word , backwards tracking, irresistible op-art hooks , swirly melodies, low-key compositional grandeur and goofball Brecht-and-Weill Cabaret-style one-offs - The Noise, Boston


Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
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