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ROOTS 66     americana classic rock blues

Play A Little Bit Of Light A Little Bit Of Light

Ev Harlow - Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Percussion and Vocals
Paul Harty - Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Harmonica and Vocals
John Hicks - Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin, Harmonica and Vocals
Rose Sheehan - Accordion, Percussion and Vocals
Jon Stone - Bass, Paino and Vocals
Ira Levine - Drums, Percussion and Vocals
The floating party/moveable feast that is "ROOTS 66" is made up the following well-seasoned characters, who have played on the North Shore in combinations and venues too numerous to mention. Our mantra is "Acoustic Adventures from the Lost Highway."

The performers are...

Everett Harlow: Singer/Songwriter/Guitar/Bass. Ev is best known in the area as a Worship Leader, a role he has passionately pursued since his teens.Ev is a lifelong member of the "Old Bluesman's Church" where every performance is practice and every song is a prayer. Ev is a veteran of the folk due Serious Madness, and the classic rock favorite Major Nelson & the Screaming Jeannies. He delights in dancing on the razor's edge between the profound and the profane. Ev says "Love & Light!"

Paul Harty: Singer/Songwriter/Guitar/Mandolin/Fiddle/Harmonica. Paul is a seasoned performer in the folk, irish, country, swing and bluegrass worlds. According to Paul "I was bitten by the Folk Bug as a teenager in the 1960's and have never recovered." With a fine lead and harmony voice,as well as a sense of humor, his attitude is best summed up as, "music should be fun and expressive, otherwise why do it?"

John Hicks: Singer/Songwriter/Guitar/Dobro/Mandolin/Harmonica. John is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer who has worked on and off-Broadway, and in regional theatre in New England and in the Southwest. He has performed at the NY Uke Fest and with Ukulele Noir. John also plays with the Good Old Salty Jazz Band, Sasquatch, and the gospel duo Harlow & Hicks.

Rose Sheehan: Singer/Accordion. Rose sings songs, both old and new, rooted in the traditional music of North America and the British Isles and has been performing, teaching and producing since the early 1980s. She is a passionate singer whose powerful voice naturally conveys poignancy, humor, and simple joy. Rose sings from the heart, moving her listeners along the currents of each song’s narrative and poetry.

Jon Stone: Singer/Bass Guitar/Piano. Raised on the music of the ‘60s “British Invasion” bands, Jon's childhood piano lessons stood him in good stead when he joined an array of cover bands, where he refined his Top 40 chops. In the year 2000, Jon traded keyboards for a bass guitar and was soon joining bluegrass jams all over the north shore of Mass. Jon eventually joined a variety of bar bands playing rock & roll, country-rock, roots, bluegrass, and blues John says : "My involvement with ROOTS 66 affords me the opportunity to indulge my love for this music with players I have come to respect and admire over the years".

Ira Levine: Singer/Drums/Percussion


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