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Go to Big Jim profile BIG JIM buenos aires  AR ambient rock alternative
11 songs
Santiago Conforti: Guitarra - Bajo - Voces - Arreglos, Juan Pablo Nosdeo: Batería - Percusión - Programación, , Artistas Invitados:, , Mario Rossini: 1º Guitarra en (1 y 5), Clap Mitchet: Slide guitar en (2) - voces en (9), Ezequiel Conforti: Coros en (2) - 1º Guitarra en (8) , Ariel Agra: Didgeridoo en (3), Hernán Parra: 1º Guitarra en (4), Joaquín Camps: Bajo en (7),
Average Rating: 8.05 1
Go to Brenda Bonotto profile BRENDA BONOTTO Buenos Aires  AR jazz-vocalists jazz-swing blues
2 songs
Average Rating: 6.76 2
Go to Calendar profile CALENDAR Buenos Aires, BA  AR indie rock post hardcore
6 songs
Average Rating: 7.79 3
Go to Carolina Hunt profile CAROLINA HUNT Buenos Aires, BA  AR jazz-vocalists jazz bossa nova
11 songs
Average Rating: 7.20 4
Go to Cipres Bermejo profile CIPRES BERMEJO Buenos Aires  AR acoustic cabaret folk-rock
8 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: International Campaign for Tibet
Average Rating: 8.09 5
Go to Como Siempre profile COMO SIEMPRE Buenos Aires , BA  AR acoustic indie
17 songs
Lucas Bargen - Guitarra, melodica, harmonica, teclados y voz
Average Rating: 7.85 6
Go to Cronopios profile CRONOPIOS Buenos Aires, BA  AR rock indie alternative
2 songs
Cuca - Guitar and Vocals, Pali - Guitar and Chorus, Mati - Bass, Negro - Drums
Average Rating: 7.80 7
Go to daniel santos profile DANIEL SANTOS buenos aires  AR pop rock latin
12 songs
Average Rating: 6.67 8
Go to Deloreans profile DELOREANS Buenos Aires, BA  AR rock grunge
3 songs
Average Rating: 6.83 9
Go to Desfachatadas profile DESFACHATADAS Buenos Aires  AR
no songs yet
Not Yet Rated 10

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