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Go to 9th Element profile 9TH ELEMENT Philadelphia, PA  US hip-hop indie experimental
1 song
Produced By 9th Element, Lyrics By 9th Element
Average Rating: 7.46 1
Go to Anaki profile ANAKI Philadelphia, PA  US progressive post hardcore punk
no songs yet
Not Yet Rated 2
Go to Brass profile BRASS Philadelphia, PA  US indie post hardcore rock
no songs yet
Jason - Guitar, Vocals, Joe - Vocals, Ian - Drums, Justin - Bass, Jamie - Guitar
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Amnesty International
Not Yet Rated 3
Go to Cloud Minder profile CLOUD MINDER Philadelphia, PA  US progressive shoegaze experimental
3 songs
Bob-Bass instrument, Jay- Guitar, Cello instrument, Dave- Guitar, Piano/Synth instrument, Evan- Drums instrument
Average Rating: 7.67 4
Go to Designer profile DESIGNER Philadelphia, PA classical experimental
1 song
Dan-Drums, Kaitlyn- Trumpet, Dan- Cello, Brianne-Piano, Tim-guitar/bass
Average Rating: 3.00 5
Go to Heavy Delima profile HEAVY DELIMA Philadelphia, PA  US hip-hop rap indie
3 songs
Not Yet Rated 6
Go to Hey Angel profile HEY ANGEL philadelphia, PA  US rock indie
1 song
Josh- bass, vox, Dave-guitar, Brendan-drum kit
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Habitat for Humanity
Average Rating: 2.00 7
Go to Monolith profile MONOLITH Philadelphia, PA  US metal ambient shoegaze
6 songs
Greg Richmond - Guitar/Vocals, Adam Taylor - Guitar/Vocals, Michael Shaver - Bass, Michael Romano - Drums
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Mercy for Animals
Average Rating: 6.50 8
Go to NO - ID profile NO - ID PHILADELPHIA, PA  US electronic experimental ambient
20 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: International Campaign for Tibet
Average Rating: 3.60 9
Go to Our Fair City profile OUR FAIR CITY Philadelphia, PA  US indie experimental ambient
11 songs
Joe Conboy - Vocals/Guitar, Dave Leonhardt - Bass, Jason Egner - Drums, Chris Bratek - Keyboard
Average Rating: 4.00 10

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