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Go to 100 PIECES profile 100 PIECES Seattle, WA  US experimental electronic industrial
LABEL: Backwards Records NW
5 songs
Utilizing a vast array of digital and analog synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, tapes, percussion and Joy Von Spain's voice, 100PIECES vacillate between noise, hardcore, classical, and harsh industrial beats to create well as subtle music for Butoh...
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Planned Parenthood
Average Rating: 6.47 1
Go to Austn profile AUSTN Snohomish, WA  US alternative indie psychedelic
6 songs
Me-Myself-& I ( not Ncluded N my name Austn if U didn't notice)
Average Rating: 2.67 2
Go to Bow + Arrow profile BOW + ARROW Seattle, WA  US punk post hardcore indie
11 songs
Average Rating: 7.01 3
Go to Dar Sirena profile DAR SIRENA Seattle, WA  US ambient world experimental
7 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Afghan Women's Assoc. Intl.
Average Rating: 5.14 4
Go to Elle Scott profile ELLE SCOTT Seattle  US pop country rock
13 songs
Elle Scott-Guitar and vocals, Daniel Christopherson, Don Shields-guitar, Don Garberg-Keys,Dan Mohler, Garey Shelton, DC-bass, Ben Smith, Chris Crumpler, Tate Er, ickson-drums/percusion, Daniel Christopherson-Mandolin, Dan Tyack-Pedal Steel/Lap steel Guitar
Average Rating: 6.28 5
Go to iji profile IJI seattle, WA  US powerpop easy listening
1 song
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Hollow Earth Radio
Average Rating: 7.00 6
Go to In the Age of Terminal Static profile IN THE AGE OF TERMINAL STATIC Seattle, WA  US experimental electronic industrial
LABEL: Backwards Records NW
3 songs
If dumpsters could talk....slightly rotten organic frazzled computer I pulled out of a dumpster, a Radio Shack dj mixer so old they say they didn't ever manufacture it, and two cd diskmans (I've actually upgraded to a really cheap Stanton cdj...but...)...a mess of cords and me... static...
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Planned Parenthood
Average Rating: 4.67 7
Go to Joy Von Spain profile JOY VON SPAIN Seattle, WA  US experimental opera alternative
LABEL: Backwards Records NW
6 songs
"Joy Von Spain combines avant-garde (de)compositional knowledge with noise...provocation, resulting in intriguing, often unsettling music that sounds like a dream/nightmare collaboration between Karlheinz Stockhausen and Coil, or Iannis Xenakis and Lustmord..." - Dave Segal, SLOG, The Stranger's blog 12-22-08 , , Roland Juno 60, Korg Poly-800, Yamaha CS-5, the Backwards Records NW Korg 770, and an Alesis Micron Synthesizer, performs vocals, sequencing, piano, percussion, guitar and tapes alone and in collaboration. As vocalist she spans the divide between operatic and harsh. As an instrumentalist and composer, her experiments range from Classical and Avant-Garde music to power electronics, electro to ambient sound.
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Planned Parenthood
Average Rating: 7.94 8
Go to loopool profile LOOPOOL Seattle, WA  US ambient experimental electronic
7 songs
Jean-Paul Garnier - most things. And sometimes other things by - Alex Crockett, Armando Diaz, Vanessa Gonzalez, Mike McHugh, Oneirothopter, etc.
Average Rating: 8.36 9
Go to The Luna Moth profile THE LUNA MOTH Seattle, WA  US indie trance rock
3 songs
Mark Schlipper - Guitar, Levi Fuller - Bass, TBA - Drums
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Hollow Earth Radio
Average Rating: 5.67 10

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