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Go to Abraham Cloud profile ABRAHAM CLOUD Hollywood , CA  US classic rock psychedelic folk
10 songs
On this new material Abraham Cloud is a one man band. "The Cruelty of Gravity" was done on a bunch of lap tops with all kind of tricky software, its as far from organic as you can get, until you add Abraham's voice , like a dying man in the wilderness crying out for water , it can't help but effect you.
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Make-A-Wish Foundation
Average Rating: 7.48 1
Go to Adrian Ursu profile ADRIAN URSU Bucharest  RO rock classic rock experimental
18 songs
Average Rating: 8.83 2
Go to Alex Hirsch profile ALEX HIRSCH Calabasas, CA  US classic rock rock pop rock
1 song
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Action for Animals
Average Rating: 7.13 3
Go to Andy Pratt profile ANDY PRATT Amesbury, MA  US classic rock dance pop christian
4 songs
Andy Pratt - vocals, piano, guitar, bass, plus whoever else is on board at the time...
Average Rating: 5.66 4
Go to The Autumnleaf profile THE AUTUMNLEAF Trivandrum  IN classic rock rock pop
2 songs
Jay - Vocals and Rhythm Guitars, Suresh- Lead Guitars, Paul- Bass Guitars, Manoj- Drums and Backing Vocals
Average Rating: 4.40 5
Go to Citadel profile CITADEL Los Angeles, CA  US progressive classic rock folk-rock
1 song
Rejyna Douglass-Whitman - Composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist who works with a revolving door of musicians for each Citadel release
Average Rating: 6.75 6
Go to Derek Reffitt profile DEREK REFFITT Erlanger, KY  US classic rock new wave pop
1 song
Derek Reffitt - Guitar and Vocals, Yamaha Morrison - Bass, Gibson Lennon - Guitar, Holland Young - Keys, Pearl Starr - Drums
Average Rating: 10.00 7
Go to Dima Project profile DIMA PROJECT Dimapur, AS  IN classic rock blues experimental
6 songs
Average Rating: 6.00 8
Go to The Electric Tears profile THE ELECTRIC TEARS Mangalore  IN rock acoustic classic rock
9 songs
Pritham D'Souza - All guitars, bass and drums
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Mercy for Animals
Average Rating: 8.91 9
Go to Evergreen profile EVERGREEN Cochin  IN classic rock progressive rock
12 songs
Anoop- Keys, Sandeep- Guitars, Arun - Bass, Arun - Drums/Vocals, Sibi - Vocals
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Feed the Hungry
Average Rating: 8.13 10

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