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Go to -Ingo Gabriel- profile -INGO GABRIEL- Berlin, B  DE electronic acoustic jazz
50 songs
Ingo Gabriel - Trumpet and Ableton Live, Constanze Zacharias - Vocals and piano on Beamwork, SystemOverload are:, Ingo Gabriel - Trumpet and Production, Henning Hellfeld - Guitar and Production,, Uwe Pickard - Saxophone, Christian Huber - Co-Production, Wolfgang Zumpe - Special Guest Performance on Trumpet, Little Princess and Kalimba are Collaborations with Flo Huth, Vocals and Lyrics on Into You and Ways to Move by Manuel Luchena, Sax on In Case you haven`t listened, Elevator and Little Animals by Uwe Pickardt, Holger Dieffendahl - piano on In Case you haven`t listened
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Darfur Rehabilitation Project
Average Rating: 7.73 1
Go to 100 PIECES profile 100 PIECES Seattle, WA  US experimental electronic industrial
LABEL: Backwards Records NW
5 songs
Utilizing a vast array of digital and analog synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, tapes, percussion and Joy Von Spain's voice, 100PIECES vacillate between noise, hardcore, classical, and harsh industrial beats to create well as subtle music for Butoh...
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Planned Parenthood
Average Rating: 6.47 2
Go to Adam\'s Last Dance profile ADAM'S LAST DANCE Chicago Suburbs , IL  US post hardcore electronic metal
4 songs
Dave Hanson - Vox/Bass, Mike Pollizze - Vox/Keys, Anthony Pollizze - Guitar, David Hersrud - Guitar, Peter Dornoski - Drums
Average Rating: 3.00 3
Go to adviruz profile ADVIRUZ Istanbul  TR electronic experimental
8 songs
Average Rating: 7.28 4
Go to Akwalek profile AKWALEK urGF'sArmpit  BE ambient electronic post hardcore
5 songs
All arrangements, compositions and concepts by Laurentz Groen aka Akwalek
Average Rating: 5.54 5
Go to Alex Kiefer profile ALEX KIEFER Berlin  DE electronic house techno
1 song
Average Rating: 4.00 6
Go to Altay Ekren profile ALTAY EKREN Istanbul  TR house electronic
1 song
Average Rating: 8.47 7
Go to Altrain profile ALTRAIN Charleston, SC  US electronic rock classical
LABEL: Treeship Records
20 songs
Classically driven; relaxing, yet inspiring...
Average Rating: 8.76 8
Go to amAya profile AMAYA London  GB ambient new age electronic
4 songs
Average Rating: 6.87 9
Go to Anarky profile ANARKY Somerset  GB electronic
LABEL: Monkey Dub Recording
4 songs
Average Rating: 4.23 10

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