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Go to -Ingo Gabriel- profile -INGO GABRIEL- Berlin, B  DE electronic acoustic jazz
50 songs
Ingo Gabriel - Trumpet and Ableton Live, Constanze Zacharias - Vocals and piano on Beamwork, SystemOverload are:, Ingo Gabriel - Trumpet and Production, Henning Hellfeld - Guitar and Production,, Uwe Pickard - Saxophone, Christian Huber - Co-Production, Wolfgang Zumpe - Special Guest Performance on Trumpet, Little Princess and Kalimba are Collaborations with Flo Huth, Vocals and Lyrics on Into You and Ways to Move by Manuel Luchena, Sax on In Case you haven`t listened, Elevator and Little Animals by Uwe Pickardt, Holger Dieffendahl - piano on In Case you haven`t listened
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Darfur Rehabilitation Project
Average Rating: 7.68 1
Go to Abraham Cloud profile ABRAHAM CLOUD Hollywood , CA  US classic rock psychedelic folk
10 songs
On this new material Abraham Cloud is a one man band. "The Cruelty of Gravity" was done on a bunch of lap tops with all kind of tricky software, its as far from organic as you can get, until you add Abraham's voice , like a dying man in the wilderness crying out for water , it can't help but effect you.
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Make-A-Wish Foundation
Average Rating: 7.48 2
Go to Acquaint profile ACQUAINT Guwahati, AS  IN metalcore alternative acoustic
2 songs
Average Rating: 5.13 3
Go to Air Liner profile AIR LINER ambient acoustic psychedelic
3 songs
Taha Badar -Keyboards, Vocals
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Feed The Children, Inc.
Average Rating: 6.00 4
Go to Ali Sadeghian profile ALI SADEGHIAN Stockholm  SE acoustic classical experimental
45 songs
Average Rating: 5.83 5
Go to Alpha Protist profile ALPHA PROTIST Portland, OR  US indie folk experimental
8 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Darfur Rehabilitation Project
Average Rating: 6.99 6
Go to Andrew Washington profile ANDREW WASHINGTON Adelaide, SA  AU rock acoustic blues
6 songs
Average Rating: 6.69 7
Go to Annalise Emerick profile ANNALISE EMERICK Boston, MA  US folk americana indie
7 songs
Annalise Emerick- guitar/vocals,
Average Rating: 6.25 8
Go to Anticomp Folkilation profile ANTICOMP FOLKILATION New York City, NY  US folk-rock punk rock acoustic
LABEL: Crafty Records
34 songs
Average Rating: 7.58 9
Go to Attica! Attica! profile ATTICA! ATTICA! Portland, OR  US folk punk acoustic
11 songs
Aaron S. - Vocals, acoustic guitar
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Planned Parenthood
Average Rating: 7.30 10

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