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Go to Abstract profile ABSTRACT New Orleans, LA  US jazz funk
1 song
Average Rating: 7.00 1
Go to The Airborne profile THE AIRBORNE New Delhi, ND  IN funk rock alternative
3 songs
Ayush – Vocalist, Aditya – Guitars/Backing Vocals, Sukrit – Drums, Ashish – Bass
Average Rating: 5.39 2
Go to Balounge Kollektiv profile BALOUNGE KOLLEKTIV Regensburg  DE funk electronic pop
7 songs
Claire Yapi – Gesang, Klaudia Salkovic Lang – Gesang, Agnes Lazar – Gresang, Helgard Saminger – Flöte, Volker Heuken – Vibraphon, Sebastian Voigts – Keyboards, Rhodes, Synthesizer, Stefan Chakli – Gitarre, Gesang , Helmar Weiß – Drums, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, , ,,
Average Rating: 6.25 3
Go to Bass Physics profile BASS PHYSICS Denver, CO  US electronic funk hip-hop
9 songs
AP Adair- Guitar, Keys, and Mixing; Luke Sims- Mixing and Violin
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Crohn's & Colitis Foundation
Average Rating: 3.50 4
Go to Birdface profile BIRDFACE rock funk
5 songs
Average Rating: 3.50 5
Go to Blues Conscience profile BLUES CONSCIENCE Chennai, TN  IN blues rock funk
5 songs
Average Rating: 7.09 6
Go to Bob Saganas profile BOB SAGANAS Athens  GR funk rock
1 song
Not Yet Rated 7
Go to Dark Horizon profile DARK HORIZON Haflong, AS  IN funk alternative reggae
5 songs
Rainjong Lepcha - Vocals, Vishal Rajiyung - Guitars, Biju Rajiyung - Guitars, Monesh Naiding - Bass, Tapan Sinha - Drums,
ARTIST SUPPORTS: VH1 Save the Music Foundation
Average Rating: 7.55 8
Go to dennis monagle profile DENNIS MONAGLE Beverly, MA  US indie soul funk
2 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: American Cancer Society
Average Rating: 8.75 9
Go to Dudley Perkins profile DUDLEY PERKINS Los Angeles, CA  US hip-hop rap funk
LABEL: Stones Throw
29 songs
Average Rating: 6.96 10

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