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Go to blue Tulip profile BLUE TULIP New York, NY experimental pop jazz-vocalists
7 songs
sharon, andy, tom
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Mark Sandman Music Project
Average Rating: 4.00 1
Go to Brenda Bonotto profile BRENDA BONOTTO Buenos Aires  AR jazz-vocalists jazz-swing blues
2 songs
Average Rating: 6.76 2
Go to Carolina Hunt profile CAROLINA HUNT Buenos Aires, BA  AR jazz-vocalists jazz bossa nova
11 songs
Average Rating: 7.20 3
Go to Down 4 The Count profile DOWN 4 THE COUNT Los Angeles, CA  US jazz-vocalists
4 songs
Colleen Keene, Francesca Delfin Preponis, Andreas Preponis, VJ Rosales, Penny Watson
Average Rating: 8.38 4
Go to Glen David Andrews profile GLEN DAVID ANDREWS New Orleans, LA  US jazz jazz-vocalists jazz-new orleans
5 songs
Glen David Andrews - trombone/vocals, Matt Clark - guitar, Revert Andrews - trombone, Derrick Freeman - drums, Julius McKee - tuba
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Habitat for Humanity
Average Rating: 8.17 5
Go to Henri Smith profile HENRI SMITH Gloucester, MA  US jazz-vocalists jazz-new orleans blues
13 songs
Henri Smith - Vocals, Ben - Keyboards, Amadee Castenell - Saxophone, John Loud - Drums, Tucker Linquist - Harmonica/Guitar, Danny Heath - Trombone,
ARTIST SUPPORTS: American Diabetes Association
Average Rating: 7.78 6
Go to Henry Allen & The New Swingset profile HENRY ALLEN & THE NEW SWINGSET jazz jazz-smooth jazz-vocalists
8 songs
Vocals - Henry Allen , Keys - Adria Smith, Bass - Noah Harrington, Drums - Sebastian Cullen Hamzeh
Average Rating: 8.17 7
Go to Karen Ristuben profile KAREN RISTUBEN GLOUCESTER, MA  US jazz-vocalists bossa nova jazz-swing
4 songs
ARTIST SUPPORTS: Habitat for Humanity
Average Rating: 6.91 8
Go to Lisa Landy profile LISA LANDY Gloucester, MA  US acoustic pop rock jazz-vocalists
5 songs
Take the Weight: Lisa Landy-vocal, keyboards, guitar; Tony Goddess-bass, guitar, Ticket to You: Lisa Landy-vocals, Curt Houle-keyboards, Jeff Jones-drums, Sid Sosa-guitar; John Ugarte-Bass., You Know: Lisa Landy-vocals; Curt Houle-keyboards; Jeff Jones-Drums; Sid Sosa-Guitar; John Ugarte-Bass.
ARTIST SUPPORTS: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Average Rating: 6.46 9
Go to Miranda Russell profile MIRANDA RUSSELL folk-rock jazz-vocalists americana
5 songs
David Sparr - Keyboards, Justin Piper - Guitar, Leo Ciaramitaro - Drums, Vinny Briguglio - Bass, Joe Kessler - Violin and Mandolin
Average Rating: 7.20 10

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