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SILK    US reggae world jazz-smooth

Play Taking It Light (But We Don't Take It Lightly) Taking It Light (But We Don't Take It Lightly)
Play Taking It Light (Instrumental) Taking It Light (Instrumental)
Play Peg Peg

SILK: Guitars, Guitar Synth, Vocals and all other instrumentation.
LACE: Vocals
Silk (aka Alan Brian Curtis) is a guitarist, songwriter and producer originally from suburban Washington, DC. As a youngster he was first smitten by the music bug while watching Elvis on TV. He also was impressed by Richie Valens sequined pants.

Besides the usual musical influences of a kid growing up in the 60's he was also turned on to Afro Caribbean rhythms by many of the immigrants growing up in his neighborhood affectionately referred to as "The United Nations". This influence would become a permanent fixture in his songwriting and playing as he developed as a musican.

As a guitarist he was influenced by everything from Folk, Blues, & Rock and perhaps his greatest respect is for the many great Jazz players he has listened to.. These and many other influences make their way into his diverse style of playing. His love of chords, latin and world rhythms, and tone all add up to the word that best describes his musicality and playing - Silk.

He is also a producer and enjoys working with younger songwriters and artists and helping them to get their songs recorded and turned into finished productions.

Silk recently underwent a year of medical treatment for the Hepatits C virus. With the love and support of many he made it through and cleared the virus. He is blessed to have been through the experience and greatful to have survived it. Though the medication made him a little more crazy he now has a greater compassion for people in general and especially for those who are fighting serious illness.


Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
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