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THE WIMSHURST'S MACHINE TORINO  TO  IT ambient jazz-smooth new age

Play Return to Freedom (radio edit) Return to Freedom (radio edit)
Play Magic Lights (live, 2005) Magic Lights (live, 2005)
Play Cimmerian Rhapsody (radio edit) Cimmerian Rhapsody (radio edit)
Play Wind Sailer (radio edit) Wind Sailer (radio edit)
Play Tokyo Rain Tokyo Rain
Play The Moon (feat. Queenie Sataro) The Moon (feat. Queenie Sataro)
Play Run Away Run Away
Play Confidential (Live) Confidential (Live)
Play Give me a Sign (remix) Give me a Sign (remix)

Give me a Sign (remix) - 2011
Northern Aire (2011)
Wind Sailer (radio edit)
Charming Mechanics
Mystical Sea (2004)
Augusto Chiarle - bass, native american flutes, baritone saxophone, wind synthetic instruments, programming;
Fabio Rodi - keyboards, percussions, programming;
Roberto Canone - tenor, alto and soprano saxes, clarinet, traverso flute, keyboards;
Elvis Bergero - Keyboards;
Daniele Scerra - electric bass and electric guitar
Duilio Chiarle - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, mandolin
Antonio Rapacciuolo - Trumpet, flugelhorn
Massimiliano Baudissard - drums
The Wimshurst’s Machine is an award-winning 8-members italian chillout orchestra who play warm, environmental music. The Wimshurst’s Machine seamlessly cross from chillout to rock and can leap world borders landing in the Airport at runway progressive electronica. Their music is ideal for big-screen productions.

“Listening to the TWM you’d travel into a relaxing world of good music. TWM plays a mix of acoustic and electronic music, sometimes inspired by ancient or traditional tunes (Irish, indian or spanish), mixed with modern sounds, from chill-out to jazz, with a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. The music of TWM is something that will make you dream. A dream you won’t forget.” (published TWM review)

The Wimshurst's Machine have several concept albums already published and in this website you find one downloadable track for each of these:
A traveller who didn't ask for glory (2004) --> "Magic Lights" is the single
The Alchemist (2005) --> "Wind Sailer" is the single
Time Traveller (2007, double CD) --> "The Moon" and "Return to Freedom" are the singles
Secret Gardens (2009) --> "Cimmerian Rhapsody" is the single
Thunder and Lightning (2010) --> "Run Away" is the single
Tokyo Rain (2011) --> "Tokyo Rain" is the single <-- album distributed ONLY on iTunes!
Breathe (live, yet to be released) --> "Confidential" is the single.

Two collections also available:
Freedom Lights (2006) --> 18 favourite TWM tracks between 2003 to 2006 (and a preview of a track from Time Traveller). Available only on iTunes.
Aquarius (the best of TWM) --> the 22 best tracks of TWM between 2003 to 2010 all in radio edits or alternate version and a track never released in any other album.


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