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TONY ADAMO SAN FRANCISCO  CA  US jazz-smooth funk r&b

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TONY ADAMO “Miles of Blu” Random Act Records

Others, like Gil Scott-Heron, Mark Murphy and legions of rappers, have recognized the power of the almighty Word. Some have been hip, some sung, some said, but none have the musical import and impact of Tony Adamo’s artistry.

Tony has essentially created a new genre: “HipSpokenWord.” His inventions are certainly hip and relevant; they are mostly spoken, though occasionally sung; and the words are extremely powerful and relevant. With the assistance of Producer Mike Clark, one of the most renowned Jazz/Funk drummers to ever wield sticks, Tony has concocted a topical masterpiece in “Miles of Blu.”

Featuring Drummer/Producer Clark on all tracks, this sizzling album includes several other gifted musicians, including Bassist Richie Goods, Trumpeters Tim Ouimette and Derrick Garner, Percussionist Bill Summers, Organist Delbert Bump, Pianist Michael Wolff, and even Tower of Power’s physician of funk, Stephen “Doc” Kupka.

Tony’s hipster persona belies his intriguing background. Born in San Francisco, he has performed a myriad of tasks in the entertainment industry: He has been an actor, a DJ, a voiceover artist, a rock singer and a Hollywood agent. His stint as an explosives handler at Naval and Marine bases, including a voluntary deployment to the Middle East during the first Gulf War, provided creative fodder for many of his compositions. After connecting with members of the venerated funk machine Tower of Power, Tony developed his unique contribution to culture, the hip-spoken-word style that is all his own.

His methods have been featured previously on his own albums, including “When Love Comes Over You,” “Dance of Love,” “Straight-Up Deal,” and “What Is Hip?” While all have been a groove, with players like the TOP Horns, The Headhunters and Jazz greats Eddie Henderson, Steve Gadd, Ernie Watts and Neil Larsen on-board, his new release, “Miles of Blu,” is the culmination of years of musical experimentation and execution. Opening with a tribute to the hardest working man (ever) in show biz, “JB” jump-starts the affair with funkified horns and Tony’s urgings to have a “funky good time.” As with all the tracks, this is thoughtful, well-executed music played by incredible players.

The burning swinger “Miles of Blu” is up next. Tony sets the evocative mood, as he places the listener smack-dab in the midst of an urban jazz club. Tim Ouimette’s trumpet echoes miles of smiles as Tony calls out his tribute to the dark prince of Jazz. A bass-less tune, based on a ‘round midnight vibe…The Bay Area is our next stop: Adamo’s roll call of B-3 Bombers tells it like it is on “Funkin’ at the Chickn’ Shack” and, somewhere, Jimmy Smith grins.

On the topical “America R We Free” Tony tells a potentially patriotic tale of a country divided. The former bomb handler knows of what he speaks – “…on the backs of the middle-class and poor.” All respect; all truth; all the time. Power to the people!!! Stand U


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