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Play Alligators in the Palisades Alligators in the Palisades
Play Click. Crash. Boom. Click. Crash. Boom.
Play Disgraceland Disgraceland
Play Cosmic Boss Cosmic Boss
Play We Got the Night We Got the Night
Play Rocket Rocket
Play The Legend of the Suicide Kid The Legend of the Suicide Kid
Play $50 Pyramid Scheme $50 Pyramid Scheme
Play Ground Out Heel Ground Out Heel
Play La Zona La Zona
Play Mandragoria Mandragoria
Play That Full Moon Feeling That Full Moon Feeling

Cu Silvio - Guitar and Vocals, Jeremy Constantinople - Vocals and Guitar, T. R. McHenry - Keyboards and Vocals, Kevin McNair - Bass Guitar, Donkey - Drums, Jesse James Ramsey - Guitar
It's a big dirty world.

Banderas is a big dirty band.

Banderas formed in '05 after the constraints of the member's previous local Cincinnati bands fell to the wayside of musicianship and natural evolution. The results are what has been coined "Dune Boogie" a blend of get out and dance garage rock, swaggering desert tinged stoner rock, and everything else grandiose along the way.

Spending the first year honing their craft live, Banderas shows became things of cult legend. Stories quickly surfaced of the band's line treading nature and their ability to figuratively and literally set the local bars on fire. Banderas found themselves in high demand and became a go to group to open for established touring acts and the headliners for the Poison Room's Toxic Fest as well as Cincypunk VI. The buzz culminated in late '07 to Banderas winning the Cincinnati Entertainment Award by local newspaper Citybeat for best local hard rock band, an award they have thus far been nominated 3 times for.

2008 arrived with Banderas entering the David Lynchian landscape of Candyland Recording Studios armed with the studio wizardry of Jim Turner and Mike Montgomery and recording the full length album "Beast Sounds and Parlour Tricks" a 12 verse paean dedicated to the city at night and all of the things that reside in it. From the swaggering hell raising of songs like "Alligators in the Palisades" and the tongue in cheek come-on of "$50 Pyramid Scheme" to the lonely hotel regret of "Ground Out Heel" the album covers, start to finish, all aspects of those night time feelings and characters you meet on way.

Beast Sounds was welcomed into the world with a 300+ attended cd release show at Northern Kentucky venue; The Mad Hatter to rave reviews, including a CEA nomination for album of the year. Backed by featured articles in print and blog and a steady growth of airplay on radio, Banderas is currently extending their reach to all neighboring territories and beyond.

The flags are up, sound the gongs!


Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
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